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District Policies Posted after Olaina Anderson Meets with Superintendent

I want to be a Los Al USD School Board Member so that I can change the culture to one of transparency.

I don’t need a fancy title to get to work--I’m already leading Los Al Unified toward a culture of transparency as a concerned parent. Remember how the school district board policies were not available on the district website or anywhere else online for the public to access until I posted them on my campaign website in July?

I started asking for access to the policies three months ago. After three phone calls (I left messages with the office) and two polite email requests (the first reply from the district asked me exactly which policy I wanted to read. My answer: all of them. I’m a curious parent), I finally got a link to the policies.

Last Friday, at Superintendent Dr. Sherry Kropp’s request, we met so that we could get to know each other. I told her some of my concerns--including that it’s impossible to follow the rules if you don’t even know what they are.

Tuesday, the policies were added to the website.

You can still read them here, too: Policies of Los Alamitos Unified School District

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